NYSID hosted a Faculty Development Day on Sustainability (February 5th, 2011).  

Download Agenda here -> Agenda PDF

Faculty Development Day Agenda

9:30am                      Coffee & Danish

10:00am                    Introduction by Dean & Associate V.P. for Academic Affairs                                      

10:15am                    Introduction by Ethan Lu     

Sustainability Integration into NYSID

Today’s roundtable group discussions

Introduction of Team Leaders

Introduction of NYSID: Sustainable web interface

10:30am                    Presentation by Ethan Lu on Sustainability in Practice

11:30am                    Group Session 1: Team Leaders gather their groups

 Sustainability defined for each faculty

12:00am                    – Break – (10 mins)

12:10pm                    Group Session 2: Lunch provided during session

School-wide attributes and practices on sustainability

1:00pm                      – Break – (10 mins)

1:10pm                      Group Session 3:

Immediate & long term sustainability goals for NYSID

2:00pm                      Report Back: Team Leaders

Challenges, opportunites & action plans

3:00pm                      Closing Summary from Dean

3:15pm                      End

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