Course Description:

This course introduces students to strategies and procedures for implementing the green project, successful project management, and builds on knowledge gained in 628 Designing the Green Interior.  The collaborative roles of designer, architect, engineer, contractor, and owner, are explored, along with requirements leading to LEED Certification.

Educational Objectives:

  • Familiarity with project management practices that support the implementation of a green project.
  • Understanding integrated (green) project delivery.
  • Understanding the roles of the various team members when constructing an integrated approach for the implementation of a green interior.
  • Understanding the data flow and how to manage project information for a sustainable project in order to fulfill LEED and other certification requirements.
  • Understanding special considerations when bidding a green project.
  • Knowledge of sustainable procurement practices.
  • Understanding methods for evaluating proposals.
  • Understanding the issues of material conservation and waste management in a sustainable project.
  • Understanding basic sustainable building systems and construction for designers.

Professor:  Ethan Lu, IIDA AIA IDEC LEED AP

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