Course Description:

This capstone design studio focuses on the challenge of designing a sustainable contract interior. Working in teams, each group will be assigned a different contract project type including corporate, institutional, healthcare, hospitality, and retail.  This project is presented to a graduate faculty jury and industry specialists for evaluation.

(The program for the current semester includes a corporate office space, a restaurant and a retail space)

Educational Objectives:

  • Competency in addressing how initial design strategies and concepts such as solar orientation, passive strategies, and internal space planning impacts interior environmental efficiencies and design development.
  • Competency in the development of sustainable interior non-residential spaces, synthesizing traditional design considerations and green objectives.
  • Competency in coordinating architectural, material, environmental, and decorative decisions that support the goal of sustainability.
  • Familiarity of sustainable environmental control systems and strategies as they apply to non-residential environments.
  • Competency in collaboration, consensus building, leadership, and team work, utilizing current methodologies and digital technologies to facilitate project collaboration and development.
  • Understanding how sustainable approaches can be applied to as variety of non-residential environments, including corporate, institutional, healthcare, hospitality, and retail.

Studio Instructors:  Luca Baraldo & Bethany Borel, ASID

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